Work Weekend to Prep For Fall Hunt

Work Day Number TwoIt’s that time. Time to mow trails and around stands, filling up feeders and making sure they’re working, doing more camp organization and repairing various things. Most of the CPHC Team is on location to get things done.

The summer has had perfect weather for growing grass and weeds. In fact, it is probably the thickest we’ve ever seen it. In addition to mowing we’ve also had to clear low tree branches that have grown across the narrow part of our trails.

At camp we’ve been getting rid of items that seem to collect on their own and are never needed. Our camper needed some repair work and now it’s working great. We had an AC problem which is pretty important on a hot summer day!

We’ll need at least one more weekend like this before mid-October and we should be ready to harvest some venison! And probably some pork.

2021-22 CPHC Photo Album

Early Work Days for 2021-22 Deer Season

CPHC Work DaysIt was a beautiful but hot and humid day at the Crystal Pig Hunt Club. I spent a couple days mowing the yard and the path to our closest feeder, straightening up camp, taking a few large bags of “stuff” to the dumpster, cleaning inside the RV, spraying lots of bug spray and weed killer, spread fire ant killer, changed oil in generator which is a backup now that we have electric installed and more.

Our biggest issue has been mice in the RV. It’s a constant battle. We’re trying some new tactics this year and hopefully they will work.

So, camp is in pretty good shape since it will be a while before we can get back out. We’ll get trails mowed soon and then again just prior to season.

It is a challenge to get the whole team together anymore since the “young guns” have jobs.

You can see photos from this year and the fall season as we get them in this online album: 2021-22 CPHC Photo Album

Final Prepping for the 2020 Deer Hunt

CPHC FieldWe’re getting closer to opening day for Georgia firearm deer season. So the CPHC Team has been on location, mowing, checking feeders and filling them, camp cleaning and of course, relaxing a little bit.

When we got to camp last weekend the grass was the tallest in the camp yard that we’ve ever had. In the morning there were thousands of bees buzzing in it. It was so loud you could hear it very clearly. I think there’s a short video clip of them in our photo album. There is no lack of pollinators on our property.

We have installed electricity and have a couple of container pods at camp for storage. So far, everything is looking pretty good. Now we just need the weather to cooperate as we get ready for another great year of hunting.

2020-21 CPHC Photo Album

2020 Work Days Started

Crystal Pig Hunt Club SunriseWell, we probably would have more time on the property but the pandemic threw us all for a loop. Things have started opening up though and a few of us used the opportunity to get there and accomplish a few needed projects.

The first one was rescuing/repairing Paul’s John Deere tractor. We got it unstuck and fixed up and mowing commenced. We also built a structure for our camp generator(s) and some camp clean up.

We drove most of our trails and roads and they were in better shape than expected although there are a couple of rough washouts to deal with. There is lots of sign of deer and of course, hogs. Freaking Hogs! I am not a fan. Hopefully we can reduce those numbers before this fall’s season.

I’ve started a photo album for this, our 8th hunt on the property which you can find here: 2020-21 CPHC Photo Album

Prepping for 2019 Season

Trees on the PigIt’s that time. Time to work on roads, trails, stands, feeders and camp.

It was just a few short years ago that these pines were seedlings. Amazing how fast they grow. This photo really brings it home since this road was wider and now the branches are grown together so much they’re scraping the sides of a pickup. That will have to change.

So the Pig Team will be on location this weekend into next week doing some work on all of it. It’s going to be hot but you can bet we’ll have a good time and enjoy the company while doing it.

Work Day at The Pig

Camp TablePaul and I just had to get out on The Pig property to see what’s what. So with Joe, tagging along, we spent a couple nights last week.

The pines are growing but there are areas where they haven’t done well. Some of the roads are getting washouts in them so a bulldozer needs to get in there. Mainly we need the firelane around the property dozed soon! One thing that struck us us was a lack of doves. This was kind of eerie since we always see hundreds. With the exception of about 4 doves off in the distance we saw NONE. And we don’t have a clue why.

While we were on site we built a permanent table under our pole barn. It’s made tall so we don’t have to bend our aching backs to work on it. Shelves for it will be next. I’ve got several more stories to post as soon as I have time.

2015 Summer Work Days

Bad Boy BuggiesIt’s food plot planting time on The Pig. Next weekend the Pig Team will be on location to till, fertilize and plant our plots! Yep, I’m going to have trouble concentrating on work this week.

Just thought I’d share my most recent purchase to use out on the property – a used Bad Boy Buggie. It may look kind of like a golf cart but it is not a golf cart. I’ve got two floor mounted gun racks in it along with the back facing seat that folds down into a solid table and more. It’s electric (code for quiet).

So, I’ll be putting it to good use on The Pig as Paul, Gary and I get together plant our fall crop. ‘Bout Time.