Battle of the Fish Grills

Chuck GrillThis is a follow-up to my last post on fall Gulf fishing. In this photo you’ll see my grill last night.

On it are filets from my mingo snapper along with some broccoli (grilled broccoli is the best way to eat it IMO). This light and flaky fish is about as good as it gets. We also had boiled corn and brown rice to go with it.

Gary FishNow let’s contract that with Gary’s grill from last night. Gary had left Pensacola to go fish with his cousin down the Gulf coast from Tallahassee a ways.

On their trip on the flats they had a good afternoon. So on the grill you’ll see some of their sea trout, spanish mackerel, a whole flounder and one of my favorites, redfish on the half shell.

Along with that he added roasted peppers and squash.

Sometimes you have a good day on the water and some days not so good. But as long as there’s fish on the grill it turns out just right!

Fall Gulf Fishing

Gulf FishingHello from Pensacola Beach, FL, where it has been windy and unsettled weather all week. This week Gary and I put together an overnight fishing trip out to the oil rigs to fish for tuna. That did not happen. It would have been our first such trip and is still on our bucket list.

We learned a number of things from the trip. First of which is how difficult getting a dozen guys to fill a trip on a pre-reserved date it. Secondly, how hard it is to get good weather on the date you want. Another opportunity will present itself though.

Yesterday the boat decided to do a half day trip because the weather forecast was showing declining wind and seas. So I tried it and wish I hadn’t. We wound up with strong wind and 4-5 ft. seas. That is just too rough in my opinion to comfortably bottom fish in. In the picture the boat mate is giving a lesson in how to use the reels.

Vermillion SnapperIt was not a fun day of fishing but we did catch a mess of mingos. Vermillion snapper don’t get very big but the taste just like a red snapper which is out of season. We did catch some other out of season fish like triggerfish and hard tails. So, it was not a loss but I’ll keep a closer eye on the forecast before I go out again.

Fall Food Plots are Planted

Plowing DirtThe final part of the whole food plot management plan for the CPHC this year was to disk our dirt before sowing the seed. Paul got his tractor out on the property a couple weeks ago and got it done. It was a hot one in central Georgia.

So after we had the plots bulldozed, cleaned and leveled and limed this dirt should be just right for putting down some fertilizer and seed.

Tecomate SeedWe’re working with Tecomote and purchased some seed from our local dealer in Dublin, GA. Our choice was their pro line GREENFIELD seed, “Fall “Hunting Plot” Formulated for Fast Action.”

This mix has one purpose – attract and concentrate fall deer for great hunting! Yet, also provides vital fall and winter nutrition needed to keep rutting bucks in good shape. Premium cereal grains and high-protein winter peas combine with forage turnips and sensational forage and bulb-producing rape/turnip hybrid to guarantee greatest attraction during hunting season after “frost-curing” causes the brassica’s sugar content and palatability to increase and after the sugar-loaded bulbs mature. Suitable nationwide.


Fast growing, high production
The real deal “Hunting Plot”
Great early season forage
Brassicas yield high-sugar forage & bulbs after frost

We’re only weeks away from opening day and I can’t wait to see how things are growing!