Fish, Fish, Fishing

SheepsheadI’m in one of my busy road travel seasons for the ag industry. Every once in a while a cool opportunity comes up that beats the crap out of sitting in a conference room watching powerpoint presentations!

That happened this week in Bonita Springs, FL. The convention had two inshore guided boats set up with room for one more person to go and I got asked! Took half a second to say YES.

We fished Estero Bay with live shrimp mostly on a popping cork. Unfortunately, we had a storm front move through the night before so the water wasn’t real clear, etc. However, we caught fish. Our boat brought in several short redfish. I had one that was 17 1/2 inches. We caught one small mangrove snapper. This was fishing along mangrove walls. Then we ended up fishing a boat dock. We caught a bunch of sheepshead like the one I’m holding. They are not easy to catch. We call them bait stealers. You are either fast on the trigger or you’re hungry.

The best luck I had all day was when the other boat caught a 27 inch red and they didn’t want to fly home with it. They gave it to me and I double zip locked it with some ice and brought it home. It’s going on my grill tonight skin side down. Redfish on the half shell. One of my favorites.