Early Work Days for 2021-22 Deer Season

CPHC Work DaysIt was a beautiful but hot and humid day at the Crystal Pig Hunt Club. I spent a couple days mowing the yard and the path to our closest feeder, straightening up camp, taking a few large bags of “stuff” to the dumpster, cleaning inside the RV, spraying lots of bug spray and weed killer, spread fire ant killer, changed oil in generator which is a backup now that we have electric installed and more.

Our biggest issue has been mice in the RV. It’s a constant battle. We’re trying some new tactics this year and hopefully they will work.

So, camp is in pretty good shape since it will be a while before we can get back out. We’ll get trails mowed soon and then again just prior to season.

It is a challenge to get the whole team together anymore since the “young guns” have jobs.

You can see photos from this year and the fall season as we get them in this online album: 2021-22 CPHC Photo Album