Work Weekend to Prep For Fall Hunt

Work Day Number TwoIt’s that time. Time to mow trails and around stands, filling up feeders and making sure they’re working, doing more camp organization and repairing various things. Most of the CPHC Team is on location to get things done.

The summer has had perfect weather for growing grass and weeds. In fact, it is probably the thickest we’ve ever seen it. In addition to mowing we’ve also had to clear low tree branches that have grown across the narrow part of our trails.

At camp we’ve been getting rid of items that seem to collect on their own and are never needed. Our camper needed some repair work and now it’s working great. We had an AC problem which is pretty important on a hot summer day!

We’ll need at least one more weekend like this before mid-October and we should be ready to harvest some venison! And probably some pork.

2021-22 CPHC Photo Album