Summer Food Plot Work

Justin New Holland C238In the heat of the summer it’s time to get food plots ready for the fall. With a little help from a couple of folks we got the job done.

So here’s what we did. We had already had food plots picked out and planted with some rye seed late last year. Then earlier this spring we flagged them so our property owner could double check and give us his stamp of approval. Problems crept up in that after he got the property planted in pine trees he changed his mind on us and reduced the size of our plots. In fact, the large one we had his prior approval on for dove was at least cut in half. So, no dove plot!

But we have moved on and will have very nice deer and turkey plots for our hunting needs. This become critical once these pine trees get up in a couple year.

In this photo we have Justin with his New Holland Compact Track Steer/Loader smoothing out our plots and removing extraneous branches. He also used the tractor to move two of our towers stands to their new locations.

Smith Farm SupplyOnce Justin was done with his part of the deal we called in John at Smith Farm Supply to put down lime for us.

We had the soil tested so we knew what amount of lime to put down. John was able to get most of our plots done but we will still have to apply some lime by 4-wheeler on a couple of plots he couldn’t get his truck into.

I shot some video while all this was going on. If you’re interested to see what it looked like check out the clip below.

Here’s where you can find photos of our latest work days: CPHC Food Plot Work

Summer Work Days

Rustler at SunsetHere’s the CPHC New Holland Rustler in the setting sun. It’s getting a final workout as we finish work on our food plots, prepping them for lime and fertilizer. Then late summer we’ll plant seed.

It’s hot and muggy here this week with highs in the 90’s and late afternoon rain showers. Just the way I like it btw.

Yesterday we had a New Holland Super Boom C238 on site doing the food plot clean up work, about 5 acres worth. What a fantastic machine that is.

I’ve got lots of photos and stories to share from the CPHC but will be waiting until I get home with better internet access.

Rustler Christmas Tree Gathering

New Holland Rustler Christmas TreeSince it is the holiday season and many people are getting ready for Christmas I thought you would enjoy seeing how nice and easy it is to cruise back in the woods, find the perfect tree, load it on your New Holland Rustler and head back to the house.

That’s what Paul did with his daughter Veronica.

Instead of having to try to get a truck to a tough place or dragging with a 4-wheeler these utility vehicles really are loaded with “utility.” A nice fresh tree, undamaged, is now decorating their homestead!

Rustler Delivers Firewood

You know that feeling. The ache in your back after you’ve not only cut the firewood, loaded up the firewood but after you’ve also had to unload it. Well, that doesn’t happen with a New Holland Rustler in camp. We learned that the hydraulic bed makes dropping off a load of firewood a breeze. This is just one of the many ways a utility vehicle like a Rustler make hunting camp much more enjoyable.

Of course you’ve already seen it picking up deer, crossing over a creek and of course it’s got tons of room to carry gear and hunters to where they need to go. You might think about getting yourself one. ‘Nuff said.

New Holland Rustler Makes Deer Pickup a Snap

New Holland Rustler Deer PickupI’ve been waiting to show you how easy a New Holland Rustler makes deer pickup. On my last two days of deer hunting I got a 4pt. buck. I was able to drag him to the firebreak around the property which is wide enough for 4-wheelers and utility vehicles. Then I walked back to where the Rustler was parked and with my nephew Joe and brother Paul we picked him up and got him hung up in a tree back at camp.

We had to cross a creek and put some boards over it thinking we might need them. But I didn’t stay on them and we still drove right across. This Rustler 4-seater has a long base which allows the front tires to get across a space like the creek and just keep pulling away since it’s also 4-wheel drive! I still did a lot of walking on this hunt but having a Rustler nearby is very handy.

If you’re interested in this beast of a machine you can find out more about them on the website or at your local New Holland dealer.

CPHC Members with Rustler

CPHC MembersWe’ve had beautiful weather here at the CPHC.

This is the Crystal Pig Hunt Club membership. L-R Gary, Eli, Paul, Joe, Luke, Me. The New Holland Rustler is a highlight feature of The Rustler Hunt. This bad boy has gone over creeks, logs, stumps. The Rustler is like Honey Badger. He don’t care!

Our first weekend saw mixed results. We saw lots of does and two are in the cooler. However, we’ve seen only two small bucks. Seems like the rut hasn’t started yet. But we’ve got a couple days to go still . . .

Crystal Pig Hunt Club Rustler Hunt Photo Album

2013 – The Rustler Hunt

The 2013 deer hunt is officially titled, The Rustler Hunt. Why? Because we have the support of New Holland and their fantastic utility vehicle – the Rustler. I work with New Holland as one of my sponsors on, a ZimmComm New Media ag news website. We got to talking about some creative ways to create more online brand recognition and one thing led to another.

Crystal Pig Hunt Club 2013

Throughout our deer hunt which commences this Saturday you’ll see the Crystal Pig Hunt Club (CPHC) in action with a Rustler camp 4-seater! It is sweet and I can’t wait to show it to you.