The Bubba – Yeti Challenge

Bubba Yeti ChallengeAfter purchasing a new Yeti 20 oz. Rambler I had to find out if it could beat my Bubba Hero Tumbler 20 oz. So I loaded them with ice and water, set them on the kitchen counter and waited.

At 27 hours, the Bubba showed its superiority with several small cubes of ice left while the Yeti was out of ice. The Bubba actually took another 2 hours before the ice melted. I think that’s a fair competition don’t you?

I like them both but now I know that the Bubba which is about half the price of the Yeti was the better purchase.

Cleaning Gear

Fishing ReelsWhen you can’t get out in the woods or on the water it’s time to clean your gear. I don’t know about you but it’s not a chore to me. It’s a chance to get to know your guns and your rods/reels better and make sure they’re in top shape.

Today I dealt with fishing reels and poles. Here are some of the ones I worked on first. A couple of these were left in the house my wife and I purchased, like the big old Mitchell spinning reel. It was nasty and covered with mold. But it works just fine.

If you click on the image you’ll see a video about cleaning reels. I wash mine with a scrub brush and dish detergent, rinse, let them dry and then apply a little oil if needed. All of the ones pictured are getting new line too. I have a couple others that I cleaned today too that I’ve been using lately.

Tomorrow I think I’ll clean all my guns even though I put them away clean and haven’t used any but my Glock 27 recently. It just lets me know I have them in good shape. I know I need to do it because I took out a long barreled single action .22 pistol that I have not used in a long time. It had a few dots of rust on the barrel. That just makes me angry so it’s time to check them out.

How about you? Do you have a gear cleaning plan? How about your tackle or hunt box. How clean and sharp are those knives . . .