Conservation Important to Hunters

Sunset TreesThis is a sunset view from my stand one evening on our first hunt. I thought I’d share it because we don’t have a lot of trees on our lease property. They’re mostly along the creek beds and in the ravines. The property was clear cut sometime recently and the loggers left a huge mess. Piles and pieces of trees everywhere. The new landowner we’re leasing from is working very hard at cleaning it up which has included bringing in a bulldozer to push up piles and burn them. He intends to plant the cleared areas in pines sometime soon.

I mention this to show how hunters and responsible landowners working together are really a force for conservation which is the title of a post on The Private Landowner Network. There are some interesting statistics quoted in there like an estimate of 13.7 million people over the age of 16 going hunting in 2011. And that hunters contribute about $1.6 billion annually to conservation efforts.

I will vouch for the fact that we’re doing our part with the investment we’ve made is some land improvements that includes planting seeds for new growth that wildlife will love and help keep the open land from eroding. It’s just part of the “job” of hunting responsibly.