Big Redfish

RedfishWhen we’re not in hunting season we love to go fishing.

Yesterday I went out to the Pensacola Bay pass to try my luck and caught this monster of a redfish. They have to be between 18-27 inches to keep but this one measured 43″! Biggest one I’ve ever caught. But he got to live to see another day. Man, that was a fight. We were actually fishing on light tackle for sheepshead during their annual run but the bite turned off just about the time we got on location.

paul-cphcI thought I’d add a little contrast here since Paul texted me this photo of the first bass he caught in his pond.

At least Paul could keep and eat his. I took my wife Cindy to supper after our outing with Capt. John Rivers, Mega-Bite Inshore Charters, to supper and ordered some very good OssoBuco. That filled me up good.

Spring is finally here and that means the fishing is going to heat up. Gary and I are taking a group on a party boat out of Jacksonville, FL in a couple weeks. Hoping the weather is good and the fishing is fine. But even a bad day on the water beats . . .