First Hunt Days in the Bag

Leaving CampCamp was packed up and the area was policed by Joe and we loaded the New Holland Rustler to go home for a while. We’ll be back in a couple weeks and hopefully the food plots will be growing.

We did more work on the property this year than we ever will again in order to prepare it for deer hunting. It was some hard work but will be well worth it in years to come.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be letting you get to know more about the New Holland Rustler and how it performs in some wild conditions as well as getting to know more about our hunt club members. The photo album is mostly up to date with photos I have. There are still some I’ve got to get from Paul and Gary to add to them. I hope you enjoy them. They give you a good idea of what camp life is like.

Crystal Pig Hunt Club Rustler Hunt Photo Album